All you need is LOVE


The Beatles said “All you need is love” and, while it’s not my intention to argue with the Fab Four, I’m inclined to think that you might need a little beer to go along with it.
Our friends at the YARDS brewery here in beautiful Philadelphia agree, and they’ve brewed up a seductively smooth English Stout called.. well… LOVE STOUT.

It’s a 5% a.b.v. rich, slightly sweet stout with notes of coffee and chocolate to accent the smooth, creamy body. And it’s currently on tap here at the ‘Stop.
Swing by and have one of the boys serve you some frothy love!

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Second Skin!


Got plans for Saturday night?
BREAK THEM and come play with us at the Bike Stop!

Our friends from Wolfstryker Leather will be hosting their Second Skin events after a two month hiatus, and they’re ready to gear you up! They’ll be set up for on-site pickup and are always available for custom orders.

Saturday July 11th on the Short Stop! Leather! Bears! A 50/50 raffle that benefits the Mazzoni Center!
Gear Up and come join the fun!

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Annual Reminder



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Come on get Happy!


There are lots of amazing sights to see in Center City, Philadelphia.
Our fine city proudly boasts the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and for those in the know, the sexiest cocktail bartender around- Mike!

Come join him from 5-7 for Happy Hour!

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Crankshaft 2015


Crankshaft (n.): mechanism responsible for turning rotational motion into reciprocating motion.

Get your body pumping at a dress-code enforced dance party hosted by the Philadelphians MC.

Dress Code:
►Gear: All gear welcome! Rubbermen, Uniforms, Sports Kit, Military, Skins, puppies, and of course leather and fetish gear of all kinds
►Minimum: Jeans & bare chests…

Suggested Donation: $5

Rotational Motion:
► Dave Huge is a New York City DJ. He plays house, disco, techno, rock ‘n’ roll, and other big sounds. Dave has spun previously at other Philadelphians gear parties and as part of Bazaar on Quince weekend.

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Philadelphia Women’s Leather Bar Night


On Friday May 15th we’ll be hosting the quarterly Philadelphia Women’s Leather Bar Night from 7pm-9:30pm in the Pit Stop.

Women’s Bar Night is open to all: Leather, Fetish, Gay/Straight/Bi all are welcome.

You don’t need to be “Leather” just someone interested in connecting with other area greatness.

It is our only goal to have fun and offer great people a chance to connect and network. If you haven’t attended one yet, you’re missing out!

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Jameson Black Barrel



We’re incredibly excited to introduce Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel to our always evolving library of spirits. Aged 12 years and only distilled one day a year, Black Barrel is a standard Jameson pot whiskey blended with a rare-grain small batch whiskey and aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. It has a smooth finish with notes of vanilla, toasted wood and spices and stewed apples. This is a great sipping whiskey for folks who want to try something a little more adventurous.


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Mr. South Africa Leather May 16th!


Join Mr. SA Leather 2015 – Herman Groenewald and his husband Mr. SA Leather 2009/10 – Jaco Lourens on Saturday May 16th for a fun night at the Bike Stop!

Raffles! Leather! Beards!

10pm-2am- Gear Up!

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Help The Baltimore Eagle


I’ve said it before, but it bears reiteration- When a Leather Bar closes down, one doesn’t reopen in it’s place. Our friends at the Baltimore Eagle need our help- you can swing over to to let the Governor of Maryland and the Mayor of Baltimore know that you support the owners, management and staff of the Eagle.

BALTIMORE CITY, MD (April, 2015) — The Baltimore Eagle tavern, home to the City’s leather community for over two decades, has commenced renovations in preparation for our grand re-opening in late 2015. Our million-dollar reconstruction aims to restore the Eagle building and brand to its former glory as one of the original, premier leather clubs on the East Coast.

Since we closed our doors for renovation, our new management team has worked cooperatively with City Liquor Board administrators to ensure compliance with the process for successful transfer of our liquor license. In light of our progress, Liquor Board administrators promised us that our liquor license was secure. Nevertheless, on April 9, 2015, after new Liquor Board commissioners were appointed, they decided to revoke our liquor license anyway.

We disagree with the decision of the Liquor Board. We believe that the City should honor its promise to us. Although their stated reason for extinguishing our license is that The Eagle has been closed for renovations for more than 180 days, they’ve set aside the 180-day guideline dozens of times for other bars. And although there is no penalty in law that requires the Liquor Board to revoke our license, they concocted the harshest punishment available. Why are they selectively penalizing The Eagle?

We believe that the process may have been tainted by an improper relationship between one of the commissioners and the community association in opposition who told us, “If you’re planning on putting a gay bar there, we’d have to oppose because a gay bar could bring gay prostitution”. We find the remark, the process, and the punishment justifiably offensive.

The Baltimore Eagle, founded in 1991, is the premiere gay leather bar in the City, and gained national attention both for its leather events, and by contrast, for its community service initiatives. For better than 20 years, The Eagle has been a judgment-free environment, a place where people could go and just be themselves. In The Eagle has hosted benefits for HIV/AIDS awareness, research, and testing programs, as well as services for the elderly and other deserving charities.

We are fighting to right this injustice and we’re doing it by fighting to re-open the Baltimore Eagle, so that those who oppose us may one day release their perverted perceptions and be included among the bonds of fellowship that we feel are one of the many admirable qualities the leather community has to offer. But we can’t do it alone..

Please, help us re-open The Baltimore Eagle; we need your support to revitalize the spirit of this landmark tavern. If you believe in our cause, please use the form below to send your letter of support to Governor Hogan, Mayor Rawlings-Blake, and the Baltimore City Council.

With our sincere appreciation,

The Baltimore Eagle

P.S. We’d like to thank real community leaders Kelly Cross, of the Old Goucher Community Association, Ken Abrams and Ronisha Moore, of the Old Goucher Business Alliance, and the members of their organizations for joining in our fight to re-open The Eagle.

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