Tom of Finland Stamps!

20140413_tom_of_finland_450Bootlust is one of our favorite events of the year here at the Bike Stop; hosted by our good friend Boy Roger and the Keystone Boys of Leather, this year featured six talented Bootblacks practicing their craft for three floors packed full of Learthermen and Leatherwomen as part of the 2014 Leather Leadership Conference weekend.

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, and our little side street was buzzing with Leatherfolk, Rubber fetishists, Bears and other amazing kinky revelers; it was the best way to start off the Spring season- a show of force that LEATHER is more than on our backs (and butts!) but also in our hearts.

I hopped online this morning to send out a batch of thank you emails to the folks who made this weekend special, and was surprised to see a note in my inbox with a link to a Finnish website. Google translate to the rescue!

I was pleased to see that the Government of Finland is honoring Touko Laaksonen- known to the world as Tom of Finland- with his own postage stamps! How about that!

We’re going to reach out to our Finnish friends and see if we can get some of these for our collection!

And again- thank you on behalf of the Bike Stop staff to everyone who came out this weekend and supported the Leather Community!


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  1. kk says:

    It’s wasn’t a decision made by the government but the development manager of Itella Corporation that runs the country’s postal services. They will print 200.000 sheets and the stamps will be made available to preorder worldwide next week. They have an online store.

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